Horse Quest Online

Love horses? Then you are going to love Horse Quest Online.
Horse Quest Online is a highly addictive, interactive app that lets you put yourself right into the thick of the first person horse action.

When you download Horse Quest Online, you become immediately immersed in the bright, colorful and exciting world of Maplewood Forest where you are a beautiful, vibrant horse with a nose for adventure. Choose your favorite breed from among the many realistic options and then jump from your own stable and make other horse friends as you navigate through challenging adventures. You will complete quests with the help of Mandy, your friendly guide, and your new-found friends while you enjoy discovering the beauty of the untamed magical wilderness of Maplewood Forest. Find treasure, defend your stable from invading raccoons, skunks and more. You can also complete a myriad of trail rides and jump courses! There has never been a more intensive first person horse app.

Every horse has its story. Are you ready to start yours? Download this free app today for both Android and iOS and enjoy realistic interactive play with friends from around the world. Play Horse Quest Online on any mobile device today! Your wildest horse adventures await!

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